Hello. Hola. Bonjour. Assalamualaikum. Now that this page has been officially flagged, welcome to the page that is going to change your life forever. Ok, maybe not, but a little factual information never hurt anybody right? *Cue in picture of OTC weight-loss product manufacturers giving me the finger*

Ok, let’s get serious, you didn’t visit this page for bad jokes or subtextual shots at non FDA regulated products.

Here’s who this blog is for:

  • EVERYBODY! The focus on this blog is really on getting the average person to have a better understanding on basic nutrition and health (what’s a calorie, why is fiber important, are carbohydrates going to ruin my social life, etc.). I will also look to add information in this blog targeted to those who have an above average knowledge of health/nutrition, as well. So yeah, FNDfitness is for everyone.
  • South asians. “Wow, FNDfitness is a racist and only caters to the brown?” Woah, calm down airport security. When I said this blog is for EVERYONE, I used all caps for a reason. Then why the specification? Well, as a pakistani young adult I can first handedly relate to the specific problems faced by those similar to my culture (I’m looking at you pakora’s and white fluffy naan). With that said, I think the problems faced by many south asian kids trying to get that ripped 6 pack abs and throw that mean Instagram filter on it, are common problems we ALL face. So yeah, I got love for all people, all skin colors, and all religions (hashtag peace, hashtag onelove, hashtag likeforlike).

Here’s what you can expect from this blog:

  • Factual information on health related topics based off of studies/scientific research.
  • Reasons on WHY you have heard certain statements circulating in your brain since you were a child and if it’s credible and backed up with research. (Example: If you don’t eat breakfast everything you know and love will die and your life will be forever ruined.)
  • Advice on how you can live a “healthier” life based off of YOUR lifestyle and preferences.
  • General education on health related topics you may have not known before.
  • Lots of other stuff.
  • More bad jokes.

So, the world of health/fitness is so vast I could go on forever about the specific topics I want to talk about. So let’s be friends. Add me on your favorites, follow me on twitter, like my IG pictures, hold my hand and lets go skipping on the beach. Hopefully I can make an impact in your life similar to that I made for the Nigerian prince who emailed me saying he needed my money. That was legit, right?

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