Ah, good ol’ protein. We know that protein helps muscle, but is that all protein is good for? Certainly not. Protein is the main building block of also bones, skin, hair, and other tissues. In addition, protein helps serve as hormones, transporters, immune system responses, and a whole lot of other things. Just take my word for it, protein is really important. Now, you’re likely not interested in the biochemistry impact of protein in the body. So, practically speaking, how is protein going to impact you? There are plenty of different ways but lets just talk about a few for now. One, is by building and preserving lean muscle. Building muscle has its own lengthy list of benefits including, but not limited to, justifying the purchase of your tight fitted Hollister shirt that’s 2 sizes too small but hugs your arms so well you think all the girls are impressed (no one’s impressed, trust me, speaking from experience). Besides this perk, having lean muscle helps you burn more calories at rest (seriously, you can burn more calories while doing nothing), protect your joints from wear and tear, and lift heavy stuff. Protein also helps promote satiety (feeling of fullness). So, yeah, protein does all kinds of goof stuff. We’re going to talk a lot about protein on this blog so get ready to get well acquainted with protein. Together, we can discover all of the secret treasures of protein…just you, me, and Nicholas Cage.




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